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Road Dyno, Dyno Plus and DynoStar GPS:
A range of vehicle performance products for serious drivers, racers and car enthusiasts everywhere.

We manufacture and sell state of the art automotive performance measuring tools that accurately measure your car's performance: acceleration, power output, torque and handling and more. There are thousands of our Dyno products in use worldwide.

Unlike some similar products, these are accurately calibrated and temperature compensated professional tools. Using measurements on moving cars is how manufacturers set up cars. The results are often more accurate than rolling road measurements as the effects of real acceleration on fuel flow etc, and airflow over the engine are measured. And after all, road performance is what you're really interested in, isn't it?

Road Dyno:

Our original dyno - since it's launch we've sold 1000's all over the world. Road Dyno is used by everyone from racers, car enthusiasts, professional tuners, bikers, scale model racers to car manufacturers!

From 1HP to over 1000HP!
Road Dyno is also great for fault finding engine and ignition problems.


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This low cost dyno measures the entire power band of a vehicle from 1000rpm - redline, and provides a power/torque on the road graphs and printed output. Data is stored in internal flash memory. Easily used with cars, bikes, and most diesels.

"I have received the Road Dyno and I have done some testing this
weekend. The dyno works very well and gives excellent results."
EO, Germany.

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Dyno Plus:

This unit comprises a multiple axis precision accelerometer housed in a small battery powered case which is easily located in any vehicle. Internal memory stores 5 minutes of test data. Acceleration is sampled at over 100 times per second, accurate to 0.005.

With the included Road Acceleration Conversion Engine software (RACE) it provides an unparalleled level of performance data at a low cost. Data Logger version now available - 4 channels of digital data and 7 channels of analogue data plus a tacho input! Also available as a factory upgrade to Dyno Plus.

"Dyno plus is the best tool I EVER bought for my car. Using Dyno Plus I was able to determine that power was being lost from running too much boost (pushing my turbo way out of its compressor range and heating everything up), I also was able to drop 0-100 times trying different launch techniques and different fuel additives. As a direct result of using the dyno plus my 0-100 times have dropped by more than 1 full second. using mods that I normally would not have tried. Congratulations in producing a product that allows you to do real world testing - ON the road where you actually drive your car. I will NEVER use a dyno again! The attached files are proof that huge results can be achieved using the
data from the dyno plus"
PH, Australia

DynoStar GPS:

DynoStar is a unique and powerful combination of INS (inertial navigational systems), a high performance GPS receiver and powerful data logging with 3D flexible graphics displays. DynoStar measures the entire performance of a vehicle continuously from the INS and GPS data, and automatically maps racetrack, road etc, as you drive.


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DynoStar's powerful processing and display software gives you detailed measurements of acceleration, power, torque, speed and RPM and logged information (such as throttle position, air/fuel ratio, temperature, etc) plotted against time, track position or distance.

Developed from a professional rally instrument, there's no other product that offers so much information for the price!