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DynoStar is a unique combination of INS (inertial navigational systems), a high performance GPS receiver and powerful data logging with 3D flexible graphics displays.

DynoStar measures the entire performance of a vehicle continuously from the INS and GPS data, and automatically maps racetrack, road etc, as you drive!

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It calculates speed, distance, power, and more against time and road / track position. It can do measurements of power and torque in one gear, or power and speed / time through the gears.

Braking time / distance can also be measured easily. Cornering and handling forces can be measured at the same time.

After analysis vehicle performance data is displayed as a 3D-plot road / track position against time, or full 3D position with altitude! You can "drive" through the test with the animated data display, zoom in on areas to fine-tune your car and driving. All parameters of the graph can be altered and saved with our powerful chart editing tools.

DynoStar generates text and csv (Excel compatible) files, so you can easily read and use the data in other applications.

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The high performance custom SirfStar 2 GPS receiver can be used separately with almost any SatNav software. Full GPS data is logged by DynoStar so it can be used by other mapping applications after a test run.

DynoStar can be used as a data logger or power meter without the GPS receiver; DynoStar auto detects the presence of the GPS receiver at power on.

  • Find out what power your car really puts out where it counts!
  • Automatically map race / road, and display speed, power and all logged data against
    track position and time.
  • Tune up your vehicle and driving for any track.
  • Curves, showing on the road BHP in different gears.
  • Before / after tests show if those modifications really are making any difference!
  • 0 - 60, 30 - 50, 50 - 70, quarter mile or any other speed timing
  • 60-0or other braking time / distance.
  • Measure tyre effectiveness and cornering forces.


  • DynoStar performance meter and data logger with 16MB MMC memory
    (removable), suitable for 16 - 128MB MMC.

Data recorded:

  • Full GPS data.(RMC,GSA,GGA,VTG,GSV,GLL messages)
  • X/Y acceleration 100 samples per second.
  • 7 channels of 10 bit analog data - for example air/fuel ratio, throttle position,
    temperature sensor, oil pressure / temp., knock sensor etc. All recorded at
    12.5 samples per second.
  • Easily set for different signal levels. Factory preconfigured with 1 12V range
    input, 3 5 Volt range inputs and 3 2.5V range inputs.
  • 4 channels of digital data - for example injector pulses, speed sensors, gear
    sensors, lap indicator, etc. Recorded at 100 samples per second.
  • All wiring by pluggable screw terminal blocks for ease of installation and
  • 2 inputs can be configured as differential input (factory option).
  • Optional wireless inputs: Peplace 2 analog inputs with data from separate RF
    transmitter with a 10m range. The transmitter is wireless keyfob sized with 2
    differential inputs.
  • Tacho input - suitable for ignition clamps etc. Same signal conditioning as
    Road Dyno.
  • Power, record, set level and tacho LEDs. On / off by push button with audible
  • 24 hour life from 2 AA cells (data logging mode, without GPS receiver
    powered). 2 hours with GPS receiver on.
  • Cigar lighter PSU supplied for long GPS runs!
  • Complete with software (Win 95/98/2000/XP) serial data cable, GPS receiver,
    12 cigar lighter PSU, 16MB MMC.

GPS Receiver:

  • 12 Channels "All-In-View" Tracking
  • Cold/Warm/Hot Start Time: 45/38/8 seconds
  • Reacquisition Time: 0.1 seconds
  • Accurate 1PPS Output Signal Aligned with GPS Timing
  • Trickle Power Enabled for Power Saving
  • Multi-path Mitigation Hardware
  • Superior Sensitivity for Urban Canyon and Foliage Environment
  • On-board RTCM SC-104 DGPS and WASS Demodulator
  • SiRFstarII Architecture
  • Red / green fix available indicator LED.
  • Field Software Upgrade Supported
  • Fully water-proof
  • Cable availability:
    • Compaq iPAQ 36xx/37xx, 38xx series
    • HP Jornada 56x series
    • Casio Cassiopeia E-125, E-200
    • Palm Vx, M500 series
    • Handspring Visor, Edge
  • Rubberised magnetic base for mounting on car
    Visual GPS software for PC and Winfast pocket PC software included.